Sunday Schools

As a Christian community, our primary desire is to nurture, train and keep our children.

The Free Church tries to provide helpful resources to stimulate our young people through the Sunday School programme.

Just as the name suggests, most of our young people will meet on a Sunday to go through age-appropriate learning in a stimulating and interactive way.

We hope some of the following resources will prove helpful to Sunday School leaders and parents alike.


Sunday Schools and local congregations are encouraged to acknowledge the efforts made by the children throughout the year. Blank certificates can be obtained from the Free Church Office if required for prize-giving.


Sunday Schools play an important part in the life of every healthy congregation. 

In turn, each Sunday school depends upon the materials used to teach children Biblical truth, in language which they can understand and in an environment which they enjoy. 

The Free Church publishes Sunday school material, which has been carefully constructed by experienced children’s writers. 

They follow carefully thought-out plans to take children through Biblical themes each week, in an attempt to encourage them to get to know the Bible personally for themselves.

The information contained here is not an all or nothing programme. Many congregations today will select some of these ministry provisions and combine them with other sources of youth ministry materials. 

For instance, the materials for Sunday Schools are used in some congregations, and even by some classes in some congregations. 

We do recognise that others will supplement the Free Church materials with Go Teach, SU or Urban Saints. 

We hope some of the resources below may be helpful, and you are welcome to mix and match to whatever suits your situation best.

The resources have been split into three categories - infant, junior and Bible class.

There are 40 separate lessons to make up the year (allowing for holidays and special themed Sundays), and these are all available to download below via Dropbox.

Infant Material:


Junior Material:


Bible Class Material:


Gaelic Material:


Sunday School Certificate