Walk With Me

A year’s worth of reflections on the Scriptures

These devotionals, written by Bill Graham, are now available in a book.

Walk with Me, A year’s worth of reflections on the Scriptures have been printed in time for the New Year. They have been written by Bill, an elder at St Columba’s Free Church in Edinburgh and former missionary in South Africa.

The venture is being organised by the Church Equipping committee, which is part of the Free Church of Scotland’s Mission Board. The committee say that the devotionals, which have been online for the past few years, have been such an encouragement that they wanted to collate them into a book for people’s ease.

Ali MacDonald, of the Church Equipping Committee, said: ‘Walk With Me by Bill Graham, is a helpful and user-friendly book, suitable for young people, adults and families. There is a year’s worth of reflections on the Scriptures focussing on a short verse with a helpful devotion. The devotions are simple, yet profound and full of Christ-centred hope written in a warm, faithful and engaging style.’


The devotionals cost £8 plus P&P and are available from the Free Church offices. The books can be ordered individually or in bulk.

Please download and fill out the order from below or contact the office on 0131 226 5286

A Note from the Author

These devotionals were originally intended to be shared with my family but I am now happy to share them with my wider family in the church! There is not a theme running through the book other than the Bible itself. I have, however, aimed to take references from all areas of the Bible as I have always had great joy in every part of God’s word.

In deciding to compile these simple ‘snippets’ I was thinking of folk who were true believers in Jesus, others who may be believers but who need reminding of our glorious inheritance in Jesus Christ and some who may not yet be believers. A number are directed more to younger folk, others to an older group but I hope all of them may have something to say to everyone. You will not find ‘heavy’ theology here but I hope you will always find God’s truth!

What might I hope to achieve through these small helpings of ‘God-thoughts’? First of all I hope that those who use them will be blessed and encouraged by them as they go on with Christ day by day. Also, I would be so thankful if someone was encouraged to seek the Lord and find him as their Saviour. Most of all I just pray that, simple as these short messages are, they may be used by God to help you, not just to walk with me, but to walk through the year with God to a fresh realisation of the tremendous privileges which we have in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Billy Graham