The King On Trial

Edinburgh’s Court of Session held a dramatised investigation into the death of Jesus asking people to “make up their minds.”

A minister and an elder from the Free Church of Scotland have taken part in a dramatised investigation into the death of Jesus.  

Rev. Stephen Allison of Kiltarlity Free Church and Iain Gray of Knockbain Free Church were part of a dramatised fatal accident inquiry held by the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship. 

The video recording of the event is now available to view online. 

Crowds of people attended the lively and thought-provoking event at the Court of Session in Parliament House, Edinburgh. The event was modelled on the Scottish procedure of a Fatal Accident Inquiry with Lucia Clark as Clerk of the Court. The purpose of the inquiry was to establish the circumstances of the death and to consider what steps (if any) might be taken to have prevented this and other deaths in similar circumstances. 

Guests watched as legal eagles questioned eyewitnesses; the soldier (played by Alan Jeffreys) overseeing the death, the High Priest who investigated it, the friend Mary Magdalene who saw it and expert witness Paul of Tarsus who proposed an explanation (played by Mr Allison). 

Speaking about the experience, Stephen said: “The death and resurrection of Jesus are the most pivotal events in human history. It was great to participate in an event exploring the significance of these events and helping lawyers engage with the evidence.” 

Iain Gray took on the role of Macer, a person in the High Court who helps the judge and looks after people in court. 

He said: “It was a thought-provoking evening as the testimonies of witnesses, contained in the Bible, came to life and Scripture such as Isaiah 53 was read out to point people to Jesus. Guests were encouraged to ponder on the significance of the death of Jesus and what it meant for them. 

Following the event, there was an opportunity to browse a 10ofThose bookstall and enjoy refreshments. 

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