Supporting Mission inSerbia

Balkan Theological Seminary and the
Church Planting Project

The Free Church of Scotland supports the work of Balkhan Theological Seminary’s Church Planting Project, which exists to present to Serbian people real moral value through creative activities like gospel spiritual concerts, lectures, workshops, exhibits, book promotions, sharing of Gospel literature and evangelisation at the Cultural center of UMMUS and in various other places across Serbia.

Balkan Theological Seminary and the
Evangelisation Project

The purpose of this project is evangelisation in the churches and public places all over Serbia, but primarily in new mission fields in central and south Serbia. This project will take place in the places where the Gospel has never been preached or heard, and there are many such places in Serbia.

The vision of the project is to bring conscience of God closer to people by public appearance and performances, visits, concerts and sharing of literature and to make contact with Christians and friends in churches all over Serbia so they can work together for evangelisation.

Balkan Theological Seminary – Niš (Website)

Balkhan Theological Seminary - Nis, Serbia

Global Mission comes under the remit of the Mission Board of the Free Church of Scotland.