The Seminary Board

Edinburgh Theological Seminary

The Seminary Board is responsible for the governance of Edinburgh Theological Seminary.  This includes oversight of finances, staffing and strategy as well as the promotion of the life and work of ETS. 

The Board works closely with staff, students and local church partners to ensure that the theological education at ETS serves to help prepare men and women for works of ministry in the communities of Scotland and across the world.

The Board is also responsible for the ongoing development of the ETS Centre for Mission.  This is a study and resource hub created to connect the learning opportunities at the Seminary with life and work of local congregations and missionary partners.

ETS is a crucial part of the work and mission of the Free Church of Scotland. The Seminary makes a vital contribution to the training of the next generation of pastor teachers and gospel workers for our own denomination and the wider church. 

The Seminary Board’s role is to maintain and develop this work, ensuring that our unchanging commitment to the Reformed Theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith is applied to the needs of an ever changing world around us.

Edinburgh Theological Seminary

Building on a foundation of over 150 years of theological education, Edinburgh Theological Seminary seeks to provide training and preparation by which men and women can bring the historic gospel of Jesus Christ to Scotland, the UK and the wider world.

ETS Centre for Mission

Using the wealth of resources at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, the Centre for Mission is being developed with the aim of providing every Christian in the church with the support, encouragement and facilities they need to serve God, whether at home or abroad.

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