Safeguarding Training: Coordinators and Deputes

Safeguarding is an important function of the church to help protect and keep people safe. Read more about what training we can provide.

Helping Safeguarding Coordinators and Deputes in the Free Church to get to grips with important updates and network with other Coordinators are the aims of a training day next month. 

Safeguarding protocols and procedures are practical steps that are taken to protect people’s health, wellbeing, human rights and to keep them safe. 

The Free Church is committed to ensuring that these safeguarding measures are in place across all churches. The guidance also applies to all Free Church related activities and outreaches such as the Free Church Youth Camps. 

Substantial work has taken place to build and develop an established network of trainers for Safeguarding Training in the Free Church. To date, this training has been for all those working in the church both in paid and voluntary capacities. We are now moving forward to include Safeguarding Coordinators and Deputies from every church congregation in a revised training programme focused on their training needs. 

Donald A Macleod, Safeguarding Training Co-ordinator for the Free Church, said: “We are aware that there is a need for training and networking of Coordinators, and we are pleased to address this with this session on Saturday 11th June. We hope to see as many Coordinators as possible at this event.” 

The session will take place online through Zoom from 10 am until 1 pm. 

All Coordinators and Deputes are encouraged to attend. 

Donald added: “The training is in development, and we do look forward to getting feedback on the presentation and training.” 

Training will be delivered by the current team of Safeguarding Trainers. 

The training is particularly important as there are several changes coming for the Protecting Vulnerable Group (PVG) scheme in Scotland. This session will help coordinators plan for these changes as well as cover several other topics. 

Donald said: “Given the changes that we are aware of in the PVG scheme and also the renewed challenges we will face as we get back to ‘normal’ after the pandemic it would be great to spend time with Coordinators working through these issues”. 

Safeguarding coordinators and deputies can book their place here.