Sing Scripture

The Psalmody and Praise Committee’s publication Sing Scripture is now in its Third Edition. It has been updated to include twenty-three new songs bringing the total to 75, fourteen of them from the Old Testament.

From the Foreword:

“These songs differ from most other Scripture paraphrases and from Scripture-based hymns in that they attempt to represent the meaning of the Scripture passages as fully and accurately as possible without undue expansion or omission.  Where expansion has been necessary for reasons of rhyme or metre, Scriptural truth from the context or from similar passages has been expressed. Some omissions were necessary for lyrical reasons, without distorting the overall meaning of the passage.

“The length of the songs has been determined largely by the natural structure and length of the Scripture passages rendered. Convenient sections for singing are indicated at the foot of the longer songs. Appropriate tunes are recommended at the head of each song.

“Following the pattern of the Psalms, the passages selected contain not only words of direct prayer to and praise of God, but also teaching about God’s character, his dealings with us in providence and grace and our response to him. In singing these songs we show forth and extol the wonders of God’s sovereign salvation in Christ by the Holy Spirit, bringing glory to him and instruction, comfort and assurance to his people.”


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This volume was edited by Professor Donald M. MacDonald

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