Hymn singing

In fulfilment of its remit from the General Assembly, the Special Committee on Psalmody and Praise produced a comprehensive list of recommended hymns which are “consistent with the Word of God and the whole doctrine of the Confession of Faith”.

The main sources are Praise! (Praise Trust), Christian Hymns, Second Edition, (Evangelical Movement of Wales), Mission Praise (Collins) and newer compositions available electronically on the world-wide web.

The Committee has included hymns from different eras in the church, covering as wide a range of subjects as possible. While recognising that the hymns are written in a variety of styles and that sometimes the language may not be the most felicitous, the Committee believes that they all meet the required criteria.

The list is presented in two forms: in the one the first lines are arranged alphabetically and in the other thematically. Where a hymn is available from several sources, this is indicated.

It should be noted that in Praise! the older hymns usually appear with language modernised, while in Christian Hymns and Mission Praise they usually appear in their original form.

There is also a list of hymns and choruses particularly suitable for use with children and young people.

Download the Alphabetical List of Recommended Hymns by clicking here.

Download the Thematic List of Recommended Hymns by clicking here.

Download the Children’s and Young People’s List of Hymns and Choruses by clicking here.

Download advice for accessing words and tunes by clicking here.

Download advice on copyright restrictions on the use of words and music in churches by clicking here.