Psalmody & Praise

Worship in the Free Church features simple Biblical praise.

Most of our churches historically sing unaccompanied Psalms but some have chosen to add Biblical hymns with musical accompaniment.

Singing God’s Truth, whether Psalms or other Biblical praise is a truly enriching experience; and is a way of absorbing his Word into our hearts and allowing it to nourish us.

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Sing Psalms Music PDF

The Psalmody and Praise Committee have produced a PDF file of some of the music from Sing Psalms.  The file contains all tunes which are public domain and all tunes to which the committee hold the copyright.  Although it does not, therefore, contain all the tunes in Sing Psalms, we hope that it will, nonetheless, be useful as it means that copies of the music which it does contain can more readily be printed out, or viewed on digital devices. 

We hope this will be especially helpful for music groups and singing groups.  For copyright reasons, we cannot make all the music available digitally, but if a copy of all the music is required, then there is a Sing Psalm Music-Only Edition available from the Free Church offices for £10 plus postage. To inquire about purchasing the Music-Only Edition, please email [email protected]

Download - Sing Psalms Music


Psalms For Screens

You can find both Sing Psalms and Scottish Psalter slides for your screens here As an increasing number of churches use screens for their worship instead of printed psalters, these resources are here to make it easier for you to display the psalm words quickly and easily.


Sing Psalms App

A Sing Psalms App for mobile devices is now freely available through iOS and Android stores. 

Sing Psalms


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