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As a people who worship and follow God, we are a church who love to sing!

Just as the heavenly host sing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” (Revelation 4:8), we too, as the Lord’s people, delight to sing in praise of our God.

Singing God’s truth through Psalms, Hymns or other scriptural praise is a truly enriching experience, and is a way of absorbing God’s Word into our hearts, allowing it to nourish us and equip us to witness to the grace of God in our lives.

The Free Church of Scotland affirms that sung praise is central to, and fundamental in, Biblical worship and so encourages excellence in our congregational sung praise, be it acapella and led by a precentor, or with instrumental accompaniment.

The Free Church of Scotland employs the metrical psalms of the 1650 Scottish Psalter, 1659 Gaelic translation of the psalms, Sing Psalms, Sing Scripture, and Biblically faithful hymns in our worship.  A selection of resources can be found below.

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before him with thanksgiving
and extol him with music and song.

Psalm 95:1

Psalm Singing Resources

Since 2010 the majority of Free Church congregations have incorporated hymns with instrumental accompaniment into their services. All churches however retain Psalm singing as an integral part of their worship gatherings. These are sung in verse with four-part harmonies and can be set to various tunes.

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The Scottish Psalter was approved for use by the church by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1650. It contains all 150 Psalms in rhythmic verses which can easily be set to music for singing. The Scottish Psalter is still used in many Free Church congregations today, often alongside other songs such as those found in the more recent Sing Psalms publication.

Sing Psalms is a metrical translation of the Psalms produced in 2003 by the Psalmody and Praise Committee of the Free Church. The format is similar to the Scottish Psalter, where every effort has been made to set to verse what is found in the original text of the psalms, with updated vocabulary and grammar to make it easier to understand.

The psalms found in the Scottish Psalter may be reproduced in any form without copyright concerns.

Versions of the psalms found in Sing Psalms may be reproduced in any form without express permission of the Psalmody and Praise Committee, provided the quotations occur in non-saleable media and provided no more than six psalms are quoted at any time. Appropriate acknowledgement would be appreciated. Requests for commercial use or for more extensive quotation should be addressed to the Free Church of Scotland Central Office.

Sing Psalms & Scottish Psalter for Screens

Many churches use screens to display song words. Here you can download psalm words in a variety of formats for use on screens.

Sing Psalms Music App

A Sing Psalms App for mobile devices is freely available through iOS and Android stores.

Order Psalm Books & Praise Items

Psalm books and other praise materials are available for purchase by individuals and churches – browse the list and prices below.

Sing Psalms Music Download

This PDF file contains all tunes which are either already in the public domain or to which the Committee hold the copyright. This selection of tunes can therefore be easily printed out or viewed on digital devices without copyright concerns.

Hymn Singing Resources

A comprehensive list of recommended hymns was put together by the Special Committee on Psalmody and Praise. All of these hymns are deemed to be “consistent with the Word of God and the whole doctrine of the Confession of Faith”, in fulfilment of the committee’s remit from the General Assembly.

Hymns are included from different eras in the church, and the list covers a wide subject range.

The main sources are “Praise!” (Praise Trust), “Christian Hymns, Second Edition” (Evangelical Movement of Wales), “Mission Praise” (Collins), and newer compositions which are available on the internet.

Sing Scripture Resources

Sing Scripture was published by the Free Church’s Psalmody and Praise Committee which has now come to an end. It contains a number of songs based on the scriptures of both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible.

The songs attempt to represent the meaning of the Scripture passages as fully and as accurately as possible, without undue expansion or omission. The passages selected contain not only words of direct prayer to and praise of God, but also teaching about God’s character, his dealings with us in providence and grace, and our response to  him.

To order Sing Scripture, please complete the order form below.

Sing Scripture - Complete Text Download

Individuals and congregations are free to download and use this material provided due acknowledgement of the copyright holders is given. 

This volume was edited by Professor Donald M. MacDonald.

Buy Free Church of Scotland Publications

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Sing Psalms

  • Music Edition Staff (£21)
  • Music Edition Sol-Fa (£21)
  • New Metrical Version of the Book of Psalms with the Scottish Psalter, 2017 edition (£13.50)
  • New Metrical Version of the Book of Psalms, Words Only (£10)
  • Large Print Edition (£10)
  • Music-Only Edition (£10)

The Free Church of Scotland The Scottish Psalter Sol-Fa (£10)

Songs of the Spirit Portions of Sing Psalms

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Sing Scripture New Scripture Songs in Metre (£6)

Psalms for All Seasons CD (£10)

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