Portree Building Project Makes Strides Towards Completion 

Portree and Bracadale’s fundraising efforts have been a great success in their aim to develop a new church building.

Portree and Bracadale Free Church, in Skye, has made remarkable progress in its ongoing building project. The congregation’s unwavering commitment to the new church building is evident in their recent fundraising initiatives, bringing them closer to their goal. The Portree project is an excellent example of determination and community support, all to the glory of God. 

One notable event that captured the project’s spirit was the Coronation Tea Party held in May. More than 100 individuals from the community came together to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. The event allowed the community to gather and raise over £1,800 for the new building fund. Attendees enjoyed refreshments, including cakes, sandwiches, and a display of royal memorabilia and photographs. 

The congregation’s resourcefulness was further showcased through a book donation campaign. A call for book contributions received overwhelming support from individuals and businesses across the north. Over 100 antique books were auctioned off at Taylor’s of Montrose, resulting in £1,700 raised for the building project.  

Additionally, one of the church’s dedicated members, Bruce Crawford, has taken on a fundraising endeavour known as the 3:16 Challenge. Bruce will run one mile every hour for 3.16 days, covering a total distance of 75 miles. The event aims to engage the wider community and promote awareness of the building project. Bruce has encouraged everyone to run or walk alongside him as he attempts to complete his goal. To support the cause, ‘Amazing Grace’ mugs and bespoke ‘3:16 Challenge Coins’ will be available for sale. Local businesses have also contributed by displaying their logos on event t-shirts, further bolstering fundraising efforts. 

While progress may take time to be visible from the outside, significant developments have taken place within the building. Ventilation panels have been inserted into the gable-end wall, and the essential ventilation equipment, costing £65,000, has been installed. The sanctuary’s ceiling has been painted, and the underfloor heating installation was finished recently. The pouring of the concrete floor occurred in mid-May, marking a significant step forward. As plasterboard work progresses, painting, decorating, and installing important fixtures will follow. 

The Portree and Bracadale Free Church community has seen considerable success in their fundraising efforts. In the past two months, they have received over £60,000 in donations. This includes regular standing orders, individual contributions, and a generous grant of £38,000 from The Benefact Trust. The trust, which primarily supports English church renovations, had made an exception for this project.  

As the project progresses, the congregation still faces challenges, such as funding furnishings for the new building. The procurement of over 200 chairs for the worship area, as well as tables and chairs for the hall, will require additional resources. However, they remain hopeful, drawing strength from God’s provision in the past and the overwhelming support received from others thus far. The completion of the new building may have an approximate timeline, but it is projected to be ready in late autumn. 

If you’d like to support the project, please visit: https://www.portreefreechurch.org.uk/building-project/