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Other Online Resources


Evangelistic Opportunities


"Hope" - CU online events week (live) 

All events at 8.00pm UK time, with a talk and live questions


Tuesday 26 May. 

Isolation & relationships in a pandemic. Heledd Job (IFES Europe)


Wednesday 27 May. 

Justice - where is God? (Q&A panel). Naomi Dawson (IFES Europe), Andy Bannister (SOLAS) & two students


Thursday 28 May. 

Why would God allow coronavirus to happen? Prof. John Lennox (RZIM et al!)


Friday 29 May. 

Is there hope for the future? Michael Ots (Evangelist)


Youtube channel:


"The Big Online Sports Quiz" - Christians in Sport (live) May 29th, 8.00pm; Team sports quiz and short gospel talk 

"Life, God and Covid-19" - online mission week, St. Helen's Bishopsgate (recorded)



"Confronting Christianity" - Q&A with Rebecca McLaughlin, hosted by St. Andrews the Great (recorded)



Evangelistic Tools


European Leadership Forum workshops (live) - seminars covering a range of topics with leading speakers. I would particularly recommend the session from Peter Williams on the reliability of Scripture; he is the head of Tyndale House in Cambridge and an excellent voice on those questions. Also of note are the workshops by John Stevens, Andy Bannister, Leonardo de Chirico and Mike Reeves.


SOLAS webinars - training events to help with everyday evangelism


Christianity Explored resources


Look for Hope - resources to reach people in the Covid-19 crisis


The Word 121 - resources to read John's gospel with a friend


Uncover - resources in reading a gospel with a friend


Christian Life and Ministry


Proclamation Trust links - focussed on Bible exposition, including the EMA conference


Ligonier - online Reformed teaching ministry, with all courses currently free