Youth camps programme starts this weekend!

July 1, 2015

The first group of the summer Free Church Youth Camps get underway this weekend.

On Saturday (4 July) youngsters will head to Comrie in Perthshire and Dunbar in East Lothian as they kick off the camps programme.

Over the summer there are 12 camps heading all over the UK, with more than 300 young folk participating.

Free Church Youth Camps

Clive Bailey, Free Church Youth Camps supervisor, said: “Pray for God to do a great work in the lives of our young people for His own glory.

“Pray for safety in travel, in all the activities, and pray for the Holy Spirit to be present in every aspect of the camps, blessing both the leaders' witness and discussions.”

Mr Bailey continued: “Georgie, the Camps Administrator, has the work of co-ordinating the complex logistical task of travel arrangements, camp payments, etc, and she would value your support and prayers for God's guidance and help over these demanding weeks.

“There are still some needs for cooks and leaders: the up-to-date situation can be found on the Free Church Youth Camps facebook page

“Let Georgie know right away if you, or someone you know, can help, by emailing her.

“Above all, this is a spiritual work, and we commit every aspect of it to the God of all mercy and grace.”

Free Church Youth Camps

Rev Dr Colin Dow, chairman of the Free Church’s Youth Committee, added: “The impact of youth camps upon the Free Church cannot be overestimated.

“Hundreds of our members owe their spiritual lives to the influence of leaders at the youth camps.

“It's our hope and prayer that this year's program will be both enjoyable and enriching to campers and leaders alike.”

The camps programme first started in 1960, and since then there’s been over 300 camps held in Scotland, England and even mainland Europe.

Camps offer a wide variety of activities including pony trekking, watersports, football, visits to theme parks and much, much more.

All camps are run by volunteer teams from Free Church congregations and there is time set aside each day for worship and Bible study. It is a great evangelistic work that everyone is welcome to be part of.

Free Church Youth Camps

Earlier this year the Free Church’s Youth Committee issued a ‘thank-you’ to everyone who is contributing to the summer camps programme.

Normally around 100 unsung heroes give up of their time by taking annual leave from work and/or time away from family to help give over 300 youngsters a great holiday with fun activities and Bible teaching.

The Youth Committee said the camps programme offered a unique short-term mission opportunity for everyone in the denomination, and encouraged congregations to support members who were helping out in such a sacrificial way.

More updates from camp will be posted during the summer.