Youth Camps

Youth Camp Leaders Unite

February 7, 2019

For Youth Camp leaders, the last Friday and Saturday of January are set in stone as the FREE CHURCH YOUTH CAMPS - TEAM LEADERS’ AWAY DAY. This year our gathering took place at Smithton Church, which was a great space for our needs. Of our thirteen upcoming camps, only 3 were not able to be represented and we welcomed several new Team Leaders into the fold.

David Meredith, Mission Director, was our main speaker and, on Friday evening, he reminded us that Camps, as every evangelical mission, is God’s work and that the Gospel is the start and finish of it all. Team Leaders should not feel pressured into taking a camper from a ‘non-converted/non-believing’ state to a ‘converted/believing’ state in a week! God will work out a person’s salvation and we might be a part of it, so know what the Gospel is – know what grace is Eph 2:8-10.

As we move forward into a new year of camps there are many aspects and elements of this Mission to be addressed such as recruiting volunteers, training, social media, ‘Adopt a Camp’, transport issues, fundraising, reaching out and of course, welcoming the new Camps Administrator to the Mission. Kirsten MacDonald had just been appointed so wasn’t able to attend the Away Day, but everyone is delighted and very excited to meet her when she takes up her post early in March.

Camps Away Day

We give thanks to Kirsteen & Simon Green, along with Beth & Angus MacIver who travelled all the way from Dundee and Aberdeen respectively, to feed us all the most delicious food, as they do every year. It makes such a difference to our gathering and is hugely appreciated.

As the outgoing Camps Administrator, I was surprised and taken aback with a very thoughtful gift from the Team Leaders. I cried.

In 2019, we are planning for thirteen youth camps across the summer holidays and this event is the only one where we all the Team Leaders can come together, as colleagues in Christ, to share experiences and ideas, and make informed plans on how best to deliver the Gospel at their camps. It is exciting to wonder about what God has in store. We would kindly ask that from now on, you would remember the leaders, their teams and the campers in prayer. Pray too for Kirsten as she makes the transition to her new job. That she would be protected and that she would thrive in this new role.

- Laura A MacAulay (Camps Administrator)