Scottish Parliament

Who should Christians vote for at the Holyrood election?

May 1, 2016

Last month Moderator of the General Assembly Rev David Robertson wrote to each of the leaders of the political parties in Scotland with a list of 15 questions ahead of the election on Thursday (5 May).

The subject areas covered Christianity in the public square, faith schools, abortion and plans for Scotland to create a third gender.

Responses were received from the SNP, Labour, UKIP, the Scottish Conservatives, the Scottish Christian Party and the Scottish Lib Dems. The Greens did not reply.

There is no Biblical warrant on which party to vote for, and it is a matter of prayerful consideration and personal conscience.

It is hoped that the responses will help Christians make an informed voice.

Rev David Robertson commented: "Let us pray – that after all is our first responsibility (1 Timothy 2).

"Let us vote – we have a responsibility to vote. Even if it is just to turn up and write ‘none of the above’. Use your vote on Thursday. 

"Let us work – get involved, get our hands dirty. We need more Christians actively involved in all spheres of public life, including politics.   

"May God grant that we would be salt and light and that Scotland would once again have that ‘righteousness which exalts a nation’."  

Click on the links below to read the various responses:

Response from the SNP

Response from Kezia Dugdale, leader of Scottish Labour Party

Response from Donald Mackay, Central Scotland candidate for UKIP

Response from Dr Donald Boyd, leader of the Scottish Christian Party

Response from Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Response from the Scottish Liberal Democrats

If a late response is received from the Greens it will be added to this page.