National Day of Prayer

Time for Prayer - Looking Ahead to the Free Church National Day of Prayer

November 9, 2016

St Peter’s Free Church minister David Robertson has encouraged the church to become involved in the upcoming National Day of Prayer, which is to be held this St Andrew’s Day, 30th November.

David has spoken of the power of prayer experienced five years ago, when the Free Church last called for a National Day of Prayer when he was critically ill in Ninewells hospital.

Writing in his blog, David has recalled how the medical professionals who were caring for him remarked that the power of prayer was the only explanation they could offer for the recovery that David experienced following a collapse outside of St Peter’s in Dundee.

“I have a special interest in this,” said David. “I believe that the last time the Free Church called for a national time of prayer was in November 2011, when I was lying on my death bed in Ninewells hospital.  To say the least the prognosis was not good! From the day of prayer I began to get better – so much so that within six weeks I was home without being brain damaged, crippled or all the other effects that we were warned to expect.  Some people would call it coincidence, but we know different.  My Muslim surgeon told me that the only explanation he had for my recovery was answered prayer.  This does not mean that everything we ask for we get – but it does mean that everything we ask for in accordance with the will of God we get, and if we do not ask, we do not receive.”

David has also offered some practical suggestions in his blog post that can help to support the prayer life of a Christian, and would be useful to pursue with the upcoming National Day of Prayer including keeping a prayer diary, or prayer walks. “Another practice that I find quite helpful is to prayer walk,” said David. “Walk through your village, town, city and pray for the people within the buildings.  Or why not do what Jesus did – withdraw to a solitary place and pray.”

You can find the full article on David’s blog here, or find out more about the Free Church National Day of Prayer and some supporting resources, here.