Western Isles

Sunday School Raises Money For Kenyan Children

August 6, 2019

Garrabost Free Church (GFC) Sunday School has collected over £500 for a residence in Kenya which cares for babies and young children.

The children heard of their need for chickens following a visit a church member made to Kenya last year. Free Chuch Youth Camps (FCYC) Administrator Kirsten Macdonald accompanied retired Africa Inland Missionary Katie Ann Mackinnon on a visit to the Mogogosiek Baby Home, set up by Katie Ann and opened in 2000. With more than 50 children aged 2 months to 6 years staying at the home, chickens are a useful way of ensuring the children can have fresh eggs, as well as the occasional chicken for dinner.

The children at GFC brought money along to Sunday School each week and watched as the total grew quickly to exceed their £500 target. Priscillah, the Manager of the Home, is hugely grateful for their support, which has allowed her to buy chickens as well as new play equipment for the children and new flooring in the baby unit.

The children have decided that after a visit from Mark from Open Doors UK, their next project will be to collect money which will be used to buy Bibles for Christians in Iraq who find it hard to access Bibles themselves.

More information about Mogogosiek Baby Home can be found on their website: http://www.chariotsforhope.org/childrens-homes/mogogosiek/