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St Peter's Launch Cafe Outreach

April 9, 2019

St Peter's Free Church, in partnership with Solas, launched a city centre cafe outreach event last month in Dundee's city centre.

The event is designed to give Christians the opportunity to bring their friends and family to hear the Gospel in a neutral setting while also encouraging people to ask questions on the night.

Andy Bannister, Director of Solas - a ministry organisation which aims to bring the Gospel into the public square, gave a talk entitled, "Jesus: Man, Myth or More?" to a crowded cafe audience.

Commenting on the event Andy said, "In our increasingly secular world, where many people would never darken the door of a church, it’s thus hugely important that the Church goes to them."

Andy Bannister

"At Solas, we find when we go to the places where people are - pubs, cafes, universities, workplaces etc - and tackle the honest questions that so many people have about the big questions of life, showing that in Christianity there are answers to be found—we find when you do that, God works in amazing ways."

"We’ve seen people become Christians, others sign up to follow up courses such as Christianity Explored or Alpha, and Christians who have brought friends to these events have incredible follow up conversations with their friends."

"I’d love to see every church across the country put on events in 'neutral spaces' near them and show that far from abandoning the public square, the Church believes the gospel has something to say in the public square."


[Image: Andy Bannister]