General Assembly

Sing Psalm app expected in the autumn

May 17, 2016

An app containing the words of Sing Psalms could be available for download later this year, the Psalmody and Praise Committee have said.

In their annual report to the General Assembly, the committee noted that the app by Christian Hymns, who are part of the Evangelical Movement of Wales, might be launched in the autumn.

It is hoped that more details about the app will follow in due course.  

Elsewhere, the committee highlighted a successful praise workshop in the Western Isles, which helped precentors to select appropriate tunes and pitch them correctly.

Members also continue to support Gaelic Psalm-singing, and workshops led by Mr Calum Martin have been held in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stornoway over the past year, with a further event in the pipeline for Inverness.

The committee is asking the General Assembly to remind congregations that the Psalms are “a unique manual of praise which should be given a central place in our worship services”, as well as the importance of a high standard of praise in all congregations.

The committee is also thankful for the continued interest in Sing Psalms from various churches in the UK and abroad.

The Psalmody and Praise Committee is responsible for promoting high standards of praise in the Free Church, which includes training workshops as well as overseeing print and production issues of sung materials. 

Rev Ruairidh Maclean

Their chairman Rev Ruairidh Maclean (pictured above) will report to the General Assembly at the evening session on Tuesday 24 May. 

You can download their report by clicking here.