Report from Big Free Rally

September 30, 2014

On Saturday (27 September) over 200 young people descended on Smithton and Culloden Free Church. They came to meet old friends and  to make new ones. They came for the games. They came for the camps past and those still to come. But ultimately they came and heard God’s word and left encouraged and challenged.

The theme this year was ‘ Who are you?’ and Rev Dan Paterson spoke about Identity and how we find our identity through Christ, our Lord and Saviour who redeemed us. He used many visual aids, one which was a mask with different titles written on it such as ‘popular’ ‘trendy’ ‘cool’.

Rev Dan Paterson - with mask!

These words were used to illustrate the many masks we can use to hide behind in our everyday life. What was amazing about Dan’s talk was that it was relevant, challenging and engaging for the wide age spread that attended the rally; from those as young as 6 or 7 right up to those leaving to start university.

Clive Bailey also interviewed Stewart Johnson about the different missional activities he had been involved in and challenged every young person there to consider what they were doing to serve their Lord.

An audience member at the 2014 Big Free Rally

Throughout the rest of the day there were games and quizzes, slots from Edinburgh Theological Seminary and Free magazine as well as videos from the 2014 camps.

The day finished by looking towards camps 2015 where some familiar camps will be happening again, but also some new and exciting locations, venues and camps will be featuring.

Roll on 2015…