Glasgow and Argyll

Psalms For A Summer Evening

June 8, 2017
Each year Greenock Free Church hosts 'Psalms For A Summer Evening' an event which draws together various congregations and singers from across the country. The service was chaired by Rev. Andy Longwe, minister at Cumbernauld Free Church, who used Psalm 96 to set the theme of his enthusiastic address. 
This year the a capella singing was led by the Glasgow Psalm Singers made up of singers from various congregations in the central belt. 
The evening was interspersed with congregational items such as Psalm 100 to the tune Hampton and Psalm 145 to Dunblane Cathedral as well as traditional favourites including Psalm 103 to Kilmarnock. 
The choir sang eight psalms with varying themes of praise and prayer to tunes such as Land of Rest and Brother James’ Air. 
At the conclusion of the service, the congregation enjoyed refreshments in the nearby St John’s Church Hall which was kindly granted for the evening.