General Assembly 2019

Psalmody and Praise Committee Report 2019

May 22, 2019

This past year the Psalmody and Praise Committee focussed their efforts to promote the 'Sing Psalms' resource within the Free Church of Scotland and to other denominations. The Committee also produced and made available digital resources to congregations through their website and social media pages.

In 2018 the General Assembly tasked the Psalmody and Praise Committee to review and update the recommended list of hymns. As an initial step, the Committee conducted a survey of congregations to establish what materials were being used.

After reviewing the results the Committee concluded, "The Committee believes that with the increasing breadth of material in use, and the general move away from being confined to one hymnbook, it is an impossible task to produce anything like a comprehensive list of recommended hymns, and would remind ministers, and others responsible for choosing sung material, of the responsibility placed upon them by Act 1, Class 2, November 2010, to choose material that is consistent with Scripture and the doctrine of the Confession of Faith."

In October last year, the Committee held a Praise Workshop in Bon Accord, Aberdeen. The workshop mainly focused on matters relating to precenting, as requested by the congregation, as well as providing an opportunity for praise and fellowship.

The report made it clear that the Committee was keen to offer their services to congregations, particularly if there were any issues they were struggling with, "The congregation...had been finding it challenging to get new precentors involved in leading the psalms during Sunday services. It may be that this is an issue faced by other congregations, and the Committee would encourage congregations that find themselves in this situation to avail themselves of the service that the Psalmody and Praise Committee provides."

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