New Sing Psalms App Available

January 30, 2018

This month, a new official mobile app has been released which allows users to learn the metrical melodies of the unaccompanied Psalms which are sung in services around the country.

Part of The Free Church of Scotland's heritage and tradition is the singing of Psalms a cappella and it is hoped that the feature-rich app will serve as an aid for members as well as a rehearsal tool for precentors.

Rev. Ruairidh MacLean of the Psalmody and Praise Committee said, "The Psalmody and Praise Committee are delighted at the recent release of a Sing Psalms App."

"The committee had been looking into creating an app of this nature a couple of years back, but in God's providence, Christian Hymns had requested permission to include all of Sing Psalms in their Hymn app. When this permission was granted Christian Hymns offered to also create a standalone app for us. We jumped at this offer, and the recently released app is the result."

"The app obviously contains the words, but also has audio of a tune for each psalm portion."

"It is our hope that the app will be a blessing to those who wish to have Sing Psalms on their mobile devices, to use whenever and wherever they happen to be."

The app is freely available in App Stores for both iOS and Android.