New Sermon Website - 'Free Church Legacy'

December 18, 2019

New Sermon Website:

The Free Church of Scotland has launched a new online sermon website.  However, this one is a bit different!  Each week, all around the world thousands of sermons are uploaded to the internet.  Indeed, one of the great blessings of modern technology is that we can listen again to the latest sermons that have been preached.  But is different; instead of hosting the sermons preached in Edinburgh, London or New York last Sunday, hosts sermons that were preached across Scotland many, many years ago.

For generations, the preachers of the Free Church of Scotland have been proclaiming the gospel.  Across the nation, people came to hear the life-changing news of Jesus.  And in order to proclaim that message, God raised up preachers to share that good news.  Many of these sermons were preserved through the old tape ministry.  Now, that heritage of sermons has been digitised and made available online. hosts over 1000 sermons preached by many different ministers including Rev. Douglas Macmillan, Rev. Donald Lamont, Prof John Murray and Rev. Kenny Macdonald (Rosskeen).  For many people, this will be a chance to listen again to the preachers of their youth, many of whom were used by God to bring people to faith.  For the younger generations, gives the opportunity to hear these great preachers from the past for the very first time.

But a recorded sermon is not just a valuable resource; it is also a powerful tool in God’s hands.  For Prof. Bob Akroyd, lecturer in Systematic Theology at Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS), listening to a recorded sermon was a life-changing experience:

“It was a cold winter’s evening – January 19, 1993.  I had been attending Buccleuch Free Church and Holyrood Abbey Church of Scotland for more than a year.  I had a steady diet of sound biblical preaching from Donald Macleod and James Philip.  However, I knew I was still not a Christian.  A friend suggested borrowing some cassettes from our previous minister, Douglas MacMillan, who was a powerful and passionate preacher."

[Image: Rev. Bob Akroyd]

"I popped the cassette into the player and heard the voice of a man who had died in 1990 preach on a Christmas theme - the visit of the wise men from Matthew 2.  I remember that evening vividly, even after the passage of many years.  Douglas noted that the wise men, even though they had very little information, acted on what they knew, while the experts remained unmoved and apparently uninterested.  The point he stressed was that it is not how much you know about the Bible or about Jesus that matters, but what you do with that knowledge.  That evening, I had very little knowledge but I found myself like the wise men of old worshipping the King, Jesus.  The wise men asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” (Matthew 2.2)” is now live.  May God grant that this legacy of gospel preaching continues to bear fruit in the years to come.