New Office Bearers For Free Church North

December 19, 2017

Five new elders and five new deacons were ordained into the Free North church on Sunday 17th December. Minister, Rev. Colin L. Macleod, who has been in the Free North since April 2012, led the elders and deacons through the traditional list of questions which they publically answer.

The elders elected were Mr Brian Cameron, Mr Martin Maclean, Mr Christopher Macleod, Mr John Macleod and Mr Stewart Vant. The deacons elected were Mr Edward Cameron-McIntosh, Mr Robbie Finlay, Mr Darren Graham, Mr Cathel Innes and Mr Robert Maciver.

Rev. Colin Macleod said, "We pray that the Lord will use these men, filling them with faith, vision, the Holy Spirit and boldness to help lead the Free North church forward as a witness in the city of Inverness."

As well as taking on eldership and deaconate roles, each of the men will be appointed to a particular strategy group in the congregation, contributing to the ongoing development and delivery of the mission, worship, community and discipleship aspects of the life of the congregation.

In the photo are: Back row: Brian Cameron (elder), Robbie Finlay (deacon), Martin MacLean (elder), Darren Graham (deacon), Chris Macleod (elder);
Front row: Stewart Vant (elder), Ed Cameron McIntosh (deacon), Colin Macleod (minister), John Macleod (elder) and Cathel Innes (deacon). Missing from the photo is Robert MacIver (deacon).