Moderator - "Pray...then vote"

June 7, 2017

Free Church of Scotland Moderator Rev Derek Lamont

Some kids get the day off from school on Thursday, and for them, election day is fun and freedom. It might not seem like that for the rest of us!

There is a chaos about this election – from its surprise announcement to its unexpected turns and twists – with destruction, terror and murder casting a deep shadow on the everyday politics of electioneering. Chaos will not prevail, so we don’t give in to despair or fatalism

As Christians, we must do two things – Pray; Pray for those in authority over us, and pray for enough concern to love, support and hold them to account. Pray for wisdom!

And then vote: vote because we are equal with others and have a say in society, vote because we care about justice and truth, and vote because we believe in the common good

Can I plead especially with our younger generation in the church to value your right to a voice, and whatever else you plan on Thursday, cast your vote at the polling station.