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Moderator Designate aghast at prospect of three-person marriages in UK

May 4, 2015

The next Free Church of Scotland Moderator has criticised remarks from the Green Party that the UK should consider legalising three-person marriages.

Days before the general election, Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett (pictured above) told a hustings event that she was “open to further conversation and consultation” about polyamorous relationships.

Rev David Robertson, who takes up the role of Moderator on 18 May, described it as a “sad consequence of the unthinking rush into same-sex marriage”.

Mr Robertson said: “Natalie Bennett is of course just being consistent.  

“Given her presuppositions and philosophy, why shouldn’t ‘marriage equality’ extend to multiple people who ‘love each other’?  

“We warned that the redefinition of marriage would not end with same-sex marriage and were ridiculed and abused as being ridiculous. It gives us no pleasure to know that we were right.” 

The Dundee minister continued: “It is a sad consequence of the unthinking rush into same-sex marriage, just to demonstrate how ‘liberal and progressive’ our politicians are. 

“I would be interested to know if David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nicola Sturgeon agree with Ms Bennett - and if not, why not?”

The Free Church Moderator Designate concluded: “We are witnessing marriage nihilism in the UK.

“If marriage is not understood and legally defined as a relationship between a man and a woman, it can and will mean anything.

“Politicians and LGBT lobby groups who campaigned for same-sex marriage will inevitably be leading the calls for the legalisation of other forms of ‘marriage’ too.”