Moderator criticises visit of prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar

April 12, 2016

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland has told an American prosperity gospel preacher – who last year urged his members to donate $65 million for a new private jet – that he is not welcome in Scotland.  

Creflo Dollar, senior pastor of a 30,000-strong congregation in Georgia, is due to speak at a free event organised by Destiny Church at the Armadillo, beside the SECC in Glasgow, on Sunday 12 June.

But instead, Rev David Robertson suggested that the wealthy televangelist should “keep his jet and use it to fly elsewhere”.

Speaking to The National newspaper, Mr Robertson said: “Creflo Dollar coming here is appalling.

“He’s a multimillionaire, American, televangelist and we really do not need him here. The church doesn’t need him. It’s embarrassing to have somebody like that come.

“His prosperity gospel is blasphemous. It’s not what people in Scotland need to hear.

“He’s not welcome. Not with that message. It’s a horrendous message that he brings. It’s not the message of the gospel at all. 

“He can keep his jet and use it to fly elsewhere.”

The Dundee-based minister added: “Whilst we are not calling for a Creflo Dollar to be banned, because we believe in free speech, we are all using our own free speech to warn Christians and others of the false prosperity gospel and of the dangers of listening to its harmful teachers.”

Gulfsteam G650 jet

Creflo Dollar is a proponent of the heretical prosperity gospel – which promises health, wealth and prosperity instead of the Bible’s teaching that those who trust in Christ as Saviour and Lord are promised salvation from sin. 

Critics often say the problem with a prosperity Gospel is that it falsely promises too little – because the pursuit of wealth overshadows the justification of sinners by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

It is thought that prosperity teaching has been successful due to the increase in consumerist attitudes and societal desire for material things. 

Creflo Dollar is thought to have a net worth of $27 million, and is reported to have a mansion in Atlanta, a penthouse in New York and two Rolls Royces. 

His website states that Creflo Dollar Ministries has previously donated to the Aberlour children’s charity in Scotland.

Infamously, Mr Dollar urged members of the World Changers Church to give at least $300 each towards the purchase of a new $65 million G650 Gulfstream luxury jet (pictured above) – after his old jet was damaged. 

With the old jet out of commission, Dollar and other senior members were forced to travel on commercial airline flights in order to make various speaking engagements.

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