Mission Director Update

February 8, 2018

“So, what exactly do you do?” Let me give the questioner the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are a genuine seeker after knowledge.

In the last couple of months, I feel that I have been given a privileged front seat as I watch the unfolding drama of God’s work in Scotland. There have been big nights as a large crowd gathered in the Pond Hotel in Glasgow at an information gathering evening for the new Christ Church due to be launched in the west end of Glasgow. What an honour it was to give a presentation on the missional potential of being part of the Free Church of Scotland church planting movement in 2018.

The previous day revealed the contrasting sides of the Free Church as I met with a group of women in North Uist who are part of a craft club raising money for mission. It was not so long ago that the situation in North Uist looked bleak but now we have a motivated group of people in a beautifully modernised, contemporary building. On that same visit, I was able to facilitate some interesting discussion around a strategy for South Uist and Benbecula as well as meet a person who had become a Christian through the ministry there and was now engaged in preaching.

Over in the Lothians on a very cold night it was a pleasure to meet with the elders at Livingston Free Church. Once our flag-ship church plant the leadership there see a need of revitalisation and are keen to get to work on a refreshed building and are looking to the Lord for renewal within the church. We spoke about Christ, culture and change. I hope it helped.

Opportunities abound to pass on knowledge and experience gained the hard way through many dangers, toils and snares. Good examples of that would be teaching given to our Non- Ordained Workers on basic skills in public speaking, giving a seminar on ‘how to lead good meetings’ at the Mission Board ‘day away’ in Aviemore and leading 25 of our ministers in an In-service training unit on ‘Developing a culture of discipleship in your congregation.’

A little taste of what I do … plus of course 20 other formal meetings and 5 speaking engagements plus many one to ones. It was a quiet month.