Ministers to Meet for Covid-19 Webinar

June 2, 2020

Free Church of Scotland ministers will meet in an online webinar this Friday to discuss the implications for ministry during the current lockdown and how it may look moving forward.

Moderator Rev. Donnie G. Macdonald will host the meeting alongside Mission Director Rev. David Meredith, General Assembly Principal Clerk Rev. Callum Macleod and Chief Executive Officer Scott Matheson.

A short presentation will be given by Mr Meredith and the panel will be available to answer any questions.

Mission Director Rev. David Meredith said, "The Mission Board has taken the opportunity presented by the Covid-19 situation to host a forum to discuss ministry during the lockdown and beyond. This will take the form of a Zoom webinar. We anticipate a few questions about ministry following the route map out of this pandemic and have therefore included a small panel to answer these questions."

All active ministers have been contacted and invited to the meeting. If anyone has any queries please contact Mairi MacPherson - [email protected]