Ministers Meet To Discuss Church Revitalisation

January 17, 2019

A group of ministers from around the country met in Edinburgh today to discuss and encourage one another around the theme of church revitalisation.

In a forum led by Mission Director Rev. David Meredith, the group heard from St Peter's Free Church minister Rev. David Robertson and Portree's Rev. Donnie G. MacDonald. The group explored many themes including finances, personal time management, resources, communities, local vision and strategies.

The morning session began with a case study on St Peter's Free Church, Dundee. Mr Robertson shared some of his 27year experience serving the local church which began in single figures and has now grown to a weekly attendance of over 200.

In a time of Q&A, the group discussed the difficulties of rural ministry compared to urban ministry. Acknowledging these difficulties, Mr Robertson said, "I'm not saying it's easy anywhere, I think it's difficult everywhere...but we need to be creative."

In the afternoon session, the group was joined by Mr MacDonald who discussed his time at Ferintosh and Resolis on the Black Isle and Portree. Offering some words of encouragement Mr MacDonald said, "The most important thing to remember is sovereignty. God continues to remind me that, 'You can work your socks off in the community but I'm sovereign. I can use you but I don't need you.'"

Revitalisation Track

He went on to say, "The Gospel isn't outreach, it's knowing your community, engaging with them and being one of them."

The two-year revitalisation track aims to provide a network for ministers to encourage and learn from one another. Please pray for them as they continue to meet and seek to serve wherever God has placed them.