Western Isles

Lifesaving machine donated to Western Isles church

May 7, 2016

Scottish Fuels Regional Manager Donald Mackay and Stornoway Depot Manager Angus Maclennan were delighted to deliver a defibrillator machine to Rev Calum I Macleod and church officer Donald Stewart of Back Free Church (all pictured above).

The vital life-saving machine was donated by Scottish Fuels, who work with the Oliver King Foundation to provide defibrillators and training in a bid to raise awareness of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS).

The Foundation was established by Mark King in 2011 after his 12-year-old son, Oliver, suffered a fatal heart failure moments after winning a swimming race.

Its long-term aim campaigns the government to make legislation making it compulsory for defibrillators to be installed in every public building, as with fire-extinguishers, in order to give vital life-saving aid to people who suffer heart-failure.

Last year Scottish Fuels and the Oliver King Foundation installed a defibrillator machine in An Lanntair arts centre in Stornoway.

And Back Free Church welcomed the donation of a defibrillator, to be housed within the church but available to all in the wider community.

Accepting the machine, Rev Calum I Macleod said: “I would like to covey grateful thanks and heartfelt appreciation to Scottish Fuels, we've very, very grateful to their generosity in providing this machine.

“We have recently had two incidents here which, although not cardiac related, very easily could have been and this machine would have been a lifesaver.”

He added: “Virtually every night of the week there is something on in the church and in such time as this it seems appropriate for us to embrace technology and have this life-saving machine here in the church which is the hub of the community.”

Murdo Murray, Assistant Clerk to the Deacons’ Court and Property Committee Chair, added: “Scottish Fuels have kindly donated a defibrillator unit to Back Free Church to assist in administering emergency medical care for cardiac incidents.  

“The unit will be located on the church campus and it is envisaged that it will also be used in the community in the event of an emergency situation arising.  

“Training in the use of the defibrillator will be included in the first aid refresher training course for office bearers.  

“The Deacons’ Court wish to extend sincere thanks to Scottish Fuels for this generous gift which will greatly enhance our ability to respond to an emergency situation that may arise.”

Scottish Fuels Regional Manager, Donald Mackay, said: “We team up with the Oliver King Foundation to deliver the machines. 

“Mark King, Oliver's dad is on a personal crusade to get a machine into every public building and we're very happy to help.”