Kenyan Mission Trip 2018

November 22, 2018

Rev. Roddy MacRae, minister of Helmsdale Free Church, recently returned from a mission trip to Kenya with Mission International. We asked him to share some of his experiences from that trip.  


In October I had the privilege of being out in Kenya again with a team from Mission International and team leader again was Hugh Henderson, an elder in St Peter's Free Church, Dundee. The team were predominantly from various Free Churches. This time we only spent two weeks in Kenya as part of the were then going to meet someone in Ethiopia. 

We had the privilege of meeting so many people and preaching and teaching in several places. We were delighted to help train leaders, given access to numerous schools, Narok Prison and church plants. We visited a church and a school for disabled children in Kayole, Nairobi that MI is working with. It is so humbling seeing what they do with so little.

We travelled west to Kandaria secondary school, where we saw the two new classrooms funded by WFM in the Free church. We also saw the projected funded by Helmsdale FC and Brora FC, which enabled the school to build a new kitchen, store, a water supply and a New Fence around the school. It is delightful seeing your funds really having an impact, so thank you, everyone, for your efforts – amazing.

While in Kandaria we noticed a nearly finished building. It turns out that the government started to build a medical centre in Kandaria. The building is not finished as the government ran out of money. They will not commit any more to complete it, though will fund some medical staff. At this moment we are trying to find out how much it would cost to finish it. We believe that this deprived community would be better having its own medical centre and it works well into how we see the community being blessed, with gospel centred churches and people, along with better education and a medical centre.

On this trip, we were introduced to some new people and projects that I hope we can help. In the current situation, certainly in some parts of Kenya, if you are disabled or if you are older, and have no family network, you have a very tough life. We met a group of people who are trying very hard to do something about what feels like an epidemic. They have created a small fish farm, with ponds dug out in the ground, to raise funds to school some disabled children and build small homes for the older homeless people (grandparents) in the area. We love their vision and passion as we see the church stepping into the gap. We attended a service with about 80-100 people, a mix predominantly of disabled and homeless people. It’s was deeply shocking yet stirring to see the church and the partners preach and live out the gospel. As an MI team, we gave a small donation to this group to help them establish a presence in that rural area because we just could not pass by on the other side of the road. I truly believe this is a project that could be supported by us here in Scotland and the best way to do that is through the terrific work of Mission International.

MI only work with groups it can verify are genuine. So, I appeal to our denomination and its people who have a heart for international mission to join us at Mission International in helping others. I am sure an MI team near you would love to share more of the work they do and to encourage more of you to partner with some incredible people.

[Main Image: (L-R) Hugh Henderson (Mission International Director), James (Kandaria Head Teacher), Rev. Roddy Macrae]