Western Isles

Joint Services for Free Church in Point

October 10, 2016

Two Free Church congregations on the Isle of Lewis began worshipping together recently with a view to deciding next year whether this could become a permanent arrangement.

Knock Free Church and Point Free Church have worshipped virtually side by side since the 1960s. Recent years have seen increased co-operation between the congregations, and when Knock Free Church became vacant following the induction of Rev James Maciver to Stornoway, discussions began on the possibility of a reunion.

Rev Dr Iain D Campbell, minister of Point Free Church and Interim-Moderator of Knock Free Church, conducted the first joint service on 2nd October. He opened the service by saying that it was a privilege to welcome everyone to such a historic and significant occasion, and preached on ‘Boasting only in the cross of Jesus.’

The congregations have drawn up a new timetable of services between October and January, which will involve an increasing number of shared services between both church buildings. Thereafter the congregations will review the situation and make a decision on the future.

Dr Campbell paid tribute to the work of the gospel in both congregations in Point over the years, and added that in a day when churches were dividing, it was good to be involved in exploring the possibility of reuniting the congregations in Point. “We would encourage the wider Church would join with us in praying that this witness in the local community, where past divisions cast such a long shadow, will be richly blessed,” said Dr Campbell.