It’s out now − the winter 2016/17 issue of Free!

December 13, 2016

The Winter 2016/17 edition of Free magazine is out now, with copies available through your local church, or the Free Church Offices.

In this issue of the magazine you can read about the 20th Anniversary of the Big Free Rally, and check out a selection of images from the day.

The magazine is jam-packed with articles, written for a teenage audience, from a Christian perspective.

Free Editor Chris Nicolson shared a little of what you’ll find inside this issue of the magazine, which is published quarterly by the Free Church.

“We’ve got a great story behind the cover of this issue,” said Chris. “Carys Lytle was snapped at the recent Big Free Rally, holding a backdated copy of the magazine of 20 years ago, with her mum on the front cover! That’s inspired us to run a competition asking readers to take a future Free cover picture.”

The winter 2016 issue of Free


Other articles in the Winter 2016/17 issue include:


There are decorations everywhere, shops are full of sparkle, and every time you turn on the radio or walk into a store, annoying Christmas jingles are being played. Should we ignore it all, or should we look more closely at what Christmas means? PAULA WHITE takes a new look at a familiar story ...


In our new series, ASH CUNNINGHAM and INNES MACSWEEN put their heads together to tackle some tough questions ... Find out what they have to say about TOUGH QUESTION NUMBER 1: How many ancient writings − not in the Bible − support the death and resurrection of Jesus? And why are people not made more aware of them?


KIM ACREE thinks dating that doesn’t honour God can be a bit like putting duct tape on your arm and ripping it off multiple times. If you’re curious about that theory, all is explained in this issue!

PLUS ...

Top Olympic and Paralympic athletes speak about their faith IN THEIR OWN WORDS; designer Sharon Macleod explains what being a graphic designer involves, and how she keeps Sundays special in DAYS APART; and in MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE Dayspring MacLeod asks what we can learn from Pokémon Go! Sometimes what you see isn’t all you get!

If you want to make sure you receive a regular copy of Free, you can contact the Free Church Offices on 0131 226 5286 or email: [email protected]