Edinburgh & Perth

Into The Light

December 5, 2017

Buccleuch Free Church's Alex MacDonald has released his new album entitled ‘Into the Light’, the title track of which was inspired by blogger Murdo Murchison. Murdo was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour last year and started to write a blog about that and his past life. Alex says, "It was so easy to write that song. Murdo has a great turn of phrase, and parts of the song are basically his own words; for instance the chorus: 'Flying high, with undaunted heart, into the light'".

The other songs include ‘Kildonan Strath’, about Alex’s home strath in Sutherland and the ongoing effects of the nineteenth century Clearances; ‘The Lion of Donegal’, about the winner of a Victoria Cross in World War I; ‘Eternity’, which tells the story of how the word ‘Eternity’ came to be lit up on Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Millennium celebrations; ‘Light from the East’, about a Korean pastor who came as a missionary to Scotland and died here last year; and ‘The Opium of the People’ which contrasts Karl Marx’s famous words with Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz’s riposte.

Alex on vocals and acoustic guitar is backed by his band which includes drums, bass, organ, electric guitar, harmonica and a brass section.

The album is available from the Free Church Bookshop or from www.alexjmacdonald.co.uk.