Hundreds expected at Big Free Rally in Inverness

August 22, 2014

Hundreds of young people are expected to gather in Inverness at the end of September for the annual Big Free Rally.

This year’s theme is ‘Who are you?’ and the main speaker is Free North assistant minister Rev Dan Paterson.

It takes place in Smithton-Culloden Free Church on Saturday 27 September from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

There will also be a missionary talk from Clive Bailey, as well as the usual games, quiz and praise.

Rev Dan Paterson said: “At this year’s Big Free Rally we are going to be asking one of the biggest questions we have to answer in this life: 'who are you?' – or put another way, ‘what makes you you?’

“We live in a world which seeks to be unique, individual and different, yet at the same time, we battle with finding acceptance with our friends and security with who we are.

“For many of us we may feel we are not unique or different in any way and we may feel sad that we are not sure how we fit in with the people around us.

“This is where the gospel comes in and shows us that there is only one identity which will truly set us apart and bring us happiness in this life.

“That identity is found in knowing who you are in God’s eyes. To know how God thinks about us and what he shows us in his word is what brings definition to our life and ultimately what brings us to a place where we can be comfortable and content with who we truly are.”

Rev Dan Paterson

Mr Paterson (pictured above) added: “Come along to the Big Free Rally this year and let God’s Word redefine everything you thought you knew about yourself.

“Let Jesus set you on a Rock which shows you you are unique, different but ultimately accepted in His sight.

“When we come face to face with the identity God has for us, we become free to live the God-centred life he has designed for us”.

Open to all from P5 to S6, the cost is £3 per person.

It is hoped that buses will be running from Ullapool, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Fort William. Spaces cost £10 on the bus, and the deadline for bus bookings is Friday 5 September.

To make a booking on the bus, or for more details about the Big Free Rally, contact Susan Maclean at [email protected]

You can also download the 2014 Big Free Rally flyer by clicking here.