Humanists sending atheist manuals to every Scottish secondary after calling for Christian books to be banned

May 15, 2015

The next Free Church Moderator has accused the British Humanist Association of “sheer hypocrisy” after it emerged that the BHA are sending books promoting atheism to every secondary school in Scotland.

The promotion of ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ comes only weeks after the Humanist Society Scotland complained about the appearance of Christian books in a Perthshire school.

HSS Policy and Public Affairs Officer Gary McLelland said that literature mentioning prayer “is obviously an attempt to evangelise young children at a vulnerable phase in their lives” and should be banned.

Rev David Robertson, Free Church Moderator-elect, responded: “I am stunned at the sheer hypocrisy of the humanists - who in February of this year complained about a Christian book which sought to help pupils transfer from primary into secondary school, and because of the fuss got it banned - merely because this book mentioned prayer.  

“If it is not hypocrisy then it seems as though there is a clear division between the British humanists, who want to send their propaganda into schools, and the Scottish humanists who are opposed to such ‘evangelism’.   

“Gary McLelland of the Humanist Society Scotland said at the time; ‘the literature is obviously an attempt to evangelise young children at a vulnerable phase in their lives’. 

“So the humanists object to children receiving a book which mentions prayer, but they want to use the Scottish education system to indoctrinate young children in their own particular faith.   

“It is a classic example of the arrogance and intolerance of the new fundamentalist atheists who do not want any religion or philosophy taught in Scottish schools, except their own.”

The Free Church Moderator-elect added: “The British Humanist Association also seems to be ignorant of what the Scottish State education system is.  

“We have a non-denominational, not non-Christian, State education system which is founded upon Christianity.  

“At a time when greater devolution is coming to Scotland it seems a bit ironic that the British humanists are seeking to impose their values on the Scottish education system.   

“I would suggest that the British humanists leave the Scottish education system alone.   

“If the atheists want to impose their views then we would encourage them to start their own schools, and not try to take over ours.”