Glasgow & Argyll

Hope for Glasgow

September 11, 2018

On Saturday 8th September Hope for Glasgow hosted a celebration and thanksgiving service for supporters, at the Tron church, Kelvingrove, Glasgow. The service was chaired and led by Hope for Glasgow chairman Rev. Norman Mackay who over the last 5 years has spearheaded and developed a Free Church of Scotland church plant in Govan, Glasgow.

The ‘Hope For Glasgow’ ministry offers a 24-week structured, professional and Christian drug and alcohol recovery program for men and developed from the Tron Church in Glasgow.

Taking his lead from the opening line of Charles Dickens great novel “A tale of two cities” he suggested that we are today living in “the best of times and the worst of times”. The worst of times due to the plague of substance addiction deeply rooted in Glasgow society yet the best of times because God’s was raising up ministries such as Hope for Glasgow to show and model God’s blueprint for deliverance from addiction.

Of the event, Norman said, "The entire day was exceptional and inspirational and it was deeply moving to have one of our boys from Govan share passionately about how a Christ-centred recovery program has helped him be free from 30 years of addiction."

Speaking of Hope for Glasgow founder Terry McCutcheon, who recently addressed the presbytery of Glasgow and Argyll on how the ministry can partner with the local church, Norman said, "Terry lives and breathes this work, knows the world of addiction inside out and above all pours his life into empowering people to leave addiction behind through the expulsive power of new affection i.e. life in Christ."