Edinburgh & Perth

Haddington Church Plant Induction

August 9, 2018

Rev. Ali Sewell was formally inducted into the Haddington church plant this week in the Old Schoolhouse in Edinburgh's Morningside.

For the past year, Mr Sewell has led a core team to develop the work in the community while officially supported by St Columba's Free Church. During this time meetings have outgrown their initial home-group setting and now regularly meet in the Town Hall on the local High Street.

Mr Sewell, an Edinburgh Theological Seminary graduate, said, "Since we've been here we've seen even more just how urgent the need is for new churches to share the gospel here in Haddington and throughout East Lothian. We've met lots of people, had some real encouragements, and also plenty of challenges. There's so much still to do and we feel like we've only scratched the surface, but we trust that God will build his church and we rely upon Him to show people their need of Jesus. The next stage is to establish a Sunday morning worship service will give us a strong focal point and help us as we continue to embed ourselves as a church into the community."

At the beginning of 2017, Mr Sewell and his wife Julie moved their family to Haddington to integrate with the community and get to know the people they aim to serve.

Director of Training for Generation and Cornerstone minister Rev. Neil MacMillan said, "It’s exciting to see how far Ali and Julie have come in the process of planting in Haddington. They are a talented couple and I am thrilled that another new church has been planted. Scotland is losing the equivalent of 10 churches a month – many new churches are needed to reverse this crisis."

It is hoped that official services will start in September this year under the name Haddington Community Church.

Please pray for Ali and his team in Haddington as they look to bring the Gospel to their community.