Growth Amidst Decline

September 5, 2017

Earlier this year the Brierly Report was published which outlined the census figures for Scottish church attendance. The fourth report of its kind, the census has shown that there has been an overall decline in national church numbers since 1984.

A new book by Peter Brierly entitled 'Growth Amidst Decline', delves into those stark figures offering some commentary on the current state of the church in Scotland whilst highlighting some growth areas.

According to the new book, "growth in Other Presbyterian...churches is especially seen in The Free Church of Scotland".

Within the book, former Free Church Moderator Rev. Fergus MacDonald said, "Free Church growth can be partly accounted for by the emergence of a stronger missional outlook over the past decade which has prompted congregations to serve the community where they are located, and has also created a sense that decline is not inevitable".

'Growth Amidst Decline' is available from the Free Church bookshop priced at £9.00 inc P&P

Growth Amidst Decline