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Govan Free Church Helps Launch Free Cafe

February 27, 2018

The Free Church in Govan recently confirmed a joint venture to launch a free café with Street Connect, a Scottish charity that helps the marginalised and disadvantaged within society.

Govan Free Church minister Rev. Norman Mackay said, "We are really happy working with Street Connect, coming from an addiction background both Ricky and Julie have proven God in their own personal experience."

"Many of the guys who come to our drop-in struggle with addiction issues or perhaps just loneliness. Both these struggles are huge in our community and working together or pulling our resources simply makes sense as we are both aiming at extending the Kingdom of God through ministering lovingly to the local community."

"The fact is that recreational Christianity where Christians simply exist for themselves and their families means little or nothing over here. You have to be actively involved in the community and demonstrate God's love in these practical ways to make any inroads into peoples lives."

Street Connect works in partnership with a range of local and national organisations, their current services include street work, drop in cafes, 1-2-1 consultations, group work including their own community recovery programme, befriending, community detoxification services and referrals to residential rehabilitation.

They have also recently purchased their first two-bedroom flat to provide accommodation for those who have completed a period in residential rehabilitation.

Street Connect

[Image: Ricky and Julie - StreetConnect] 

Julie McAddock of Street Connect said, "This outreach with Norman and the Govan Church Plant has been really good. Recently we had 43 people walk into the café from the Govan Road."

"The BBC wishes to come along to explore the positivity surrounding the project and an MSP also is keen to view the positive contribution that we are making in this an area of multiple deprivation."

"We identified the Free Church as a partner for the simple reason that under Norman’s leadership the Church is deeply involved in and highly respected by the Govan Community."

"As a Minister of the Gospel, he spends more time in the streets of Govan than he does in the pulpit. Jesus spent lots of time among the marginalised in society. So Street Connect and the Govan Church Plant want to do the same."

To find out more about their work please follow the link below.