June 4, 2019

Generation has launched a newly focused outreach initiative called 'Generation19' which aims to encourage local congregations and Presbyteries to reach out to their communities with the Gospel.

In 2017 a census of Scottish Churches was carried out by Brierly Consultancy indicating a sharp decline in church attendance and engagement. The report showed that "some 390,000 people regularly attended church, being 7.2% of the Scottish population, down from 17% in 1984". This decline was equated to the equivalent of "losing 10 congregations per month."

Mission Director Rev. David Meredith said, "The statistics are clear, but tell us what we already know, Scotland is for all intents and purposes an unreached people group."

"Although the figures are sobering, we are not motivated by them to get bums on seats, but rather to fulfil the Great Commission and tell people about Jesus."

"Over the 1st to the 10th of September, we hope that people will do something to engage with their community. It could be reaching out to the youth in your area, a cafe evangelism event or an evening of music and testimony, whatever you choose to do, be bold, be creative and be imaginative."

Events are expected to take place across the country in September, for more information on what's happening near you please speak to your minister.