Generation Update

August 20, 2019

Mission Director Rev. David Meredith

“I love it when a plan comes together.” Famous words from the A-Team but universally true. Generation 19 was a simple plan to encourage all our congregations to engage in specific evangelistic activity during the first 10 days of September. In the Western Isles one congregation is doing some door to door, another is encouraging their members to give a friend a book explaining the gospel. In Badenoch there will be a special talk on creation care and in Burghead the ever-resourceful Pete Turnbull will look at some tough questions e.g. 'If there’s a God why are Christians such hypocrites'?
Generation 19 emerged from the Generation idea. Generation is not a committee or a Board, it’s the work which people are involved in. It’s an idea which stimulates other ideas. It is not run by the few but it’s worked out by thousands. Generation is not locked away in a stuffy office on The Mound in Edinburgh, on the contrary, it inspires and resources people to speak about Jesus in Garrabost and in Glasgow, in Edinburgh and in Edinbane!
We are thankful that the work of Generation is developing. We have been involved in the training and equipping a new generation through our Boot Camps. Regeneration of existing churches has been happening from North Uist to Dumfries. Ideas for generating conversations have been shared in gossiping the gospel seminars from Portree to Ayr. New gospel work internationally has been developed in places as diverse as Poland and Mynmar. New skills and hope have been generated in ministers through the five ministers trained in coaching as Generation Coaching is beginning to take off.
In a word, Generation is what we do. Let’s remember that all we do is obey, the final say is given by the great regenerator, God Almighty! When He is in the equation anything can happen. He is the One who brings plans together.

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