Free magazine has French connection

July 29, 2014

Articles from Free, the highly acclaimed Free Church of Scotland youth magazine, are to be translated into French as part of a global training website for Christians.

Academics have asked Free magazine editor Chris Nicolson for permission to add two articles on ‘why we believe in the Church’ and ‘why we believe in prayer’ as well as a piece from ML Stone to the online Christian library for French speakers. 

The online library offers a large variety of articles on all kind of biblical, theological and pastoral subjects – particularly aimed at French African church leaders who often do not have much formal training nor many resources.

It is understood that the website creators hope to translate other feature articles from Free into French further down the line. 

Editor Chris Nicolson said: “Two articles were written by Matt Ford as part of a 12-part series exploring the Biblical basis for Christian beliefs and practices, as well as one from our excellent columnist ML Stone.

“I’m delighted that they’re being used this way, and know that Matt and ML are, too. It would be great if Free could contribute to the Ressources Chrétiennes project in the future.”

Paul Bedard, from the Ressources Chrétiennes project, said: “The three articles mentioned have been appreciated in the past and we think they will continue to be useful in the future. 

“Other articles from Free might be translated and added in the future.”

A Free Church of Scotland spokesman said: “Young people from different denominations in Scotland already enjoy Free magazine, and it’s fantastic news that some of the articles will now be translated into French and made available online to a global audience.

“The fact that Free magazine has not only come to the attention of researchers in South Africa, but is deemed worthy of inclusion in this new initiative, is testament to the excellent work being done by editor Chris Nicolson and her contributors.

“This project also shows how the Internet and social media can be effectively used to share the Gospel in many different lands.”

Visit the resources website online by clicking here.