Free Church Youth Camps start!

July 2, 2014

The first Free Church Youth Camp of the summer gets underway tomorrow (Thursday 3 July) with a group of youngsters and leaders heading to Oswestry near the Welsh border.

Three more camps will get underway at the weekend, with campers heading to Whithaugh in the Borders, Dunbar in East Lothian and Kincraig in the Highlands.

Over the summer it is expected that more than 300 young folk will participate in the camps programme.

Camps supervisor Clive Bailey said: “All the months of preparation by camp leaders, all the anticipation and excitement our young people, and all the administrative work done by the camps organisers are now reaching their end as the 2014 Free Church Youth Camps programme is about to begin.

“The camps run from the first week of July until 9th August, and involve twelve camps this year, with over 300 young people attending, about 100 volunteer leaders and cooks, in North Uist, Kincraig, Whithaugh, Comrie, Dunbar and Oswestry.

“Please pray before, during and after the camps, as we look to and depend on God for all aspects of the camps programme.

“This is a tremendously exciting privilege that we have as a denomination to serve God through the ministry of Youth Camps! To Him be all the glory!”

Mr Bailey encouraged the wider church to particularly pray for:

-safety in travel and in all activities
-to keep all involved from harm in any way
-to bless the witness of the leaders, that they may give a Christ-like example
-to bless the Bible talks
-to build up those youngsters who are already Christians
-to bring many to repentance and faith as they hear the challenge of the gospel
-to give our young people commitment and perseverance as they return home after camp

For more details about the camps programme, visit their website by clicking here.