Youth Camps

Youth Camps - Cooks Required!

February 21, 2019

Oswestry Senior 12-20th July  

We have an opportunity for service at the Oswestry senior camp.  This is an exciting chance to work with a dynamic leadership team who are really looking forward to their time working with the young people who have booked into this sought after camp.  All we need are some cooks to complete the team!

The cooks will be working in a large fully equipped kitchen and will get lots of help for preparation and cleaning up.  The cook will plan, order provisions and prepare meals for the campers.

A former cook in Oswestry said, "It was really hard work but I really enjoyed working with the excellent team. It was also good getting to know some of the young people in our church.  It was a great opportunity to serve God and to have a good time whilst doing so."

If interested please email [email protected]