Free Church Youth Camps 2018

September 4, 2018

Free Church Youth Camps 2018 – it’s all over now but, for some their personal walk with their Saviour Jesus Christ is just beginning. After months of praying, planning, arranging and rearranging, over 347 young people, together with 146 leaders, cooks, chaperones and drivers have been to one of our twelve summer youth Camps. Praise God for His goodness and for all the blessings and answers to prayer we have seen over the last 6 weeks.

Temperatures soared for the first few weeks of the school holidays. It was almost too hot at times for the Senior Football camp to play football, and dorms were stifling for the Oswestry Campers but through it all they had fun and when the weather cooled back down to a normal Scottish summer they continued to have fun. So many of the campers told us in their feedback forms that their camp was, ‘THE BEST CAMP EVER’!!!

This summer we developed the ‘Adopt a Camp’ scheme which was valuable for all those who got involved. Thanks to all the churches who joined us in this and we hope we can keep the lines of communication open and continue to build each other up moving forward. ‘Adopt a Camp’ allowed for a real ‘community’ to prosper between churches and camps. Churches were given information about a particular camp, along with specific prayer points weeks in advance of camp, and they prayerfully supported the camps. Some churches also gave their camp money for an extra activity or to give the campers books or Bibles and this was gratefully received by all concerned.

We are immensely thankful that there were no major accidents or incidents at any of the camps. Team Leaders should be applauded for running twelve amazingly unique Camps, managing their teams, their spiritual talks and outings so brilliantly, and all within budget. We were also blessed with the most fantastic variety and quality of food again this year. FCYC Cooks are wonderfully gifted and integral members of every team. They can’t be praised highly enough for their budgeting, planning and delivery of 3 square meals a day plus snacks, smores and so much more!

To the drivers and chaperones who were called upon at the last minute – you’re the best! We praise God for putting it on your heart to help out and often go the extra mile to make sure the campers got to their destination safely.

And the campers… what a bunch! All the team leaders have commented on the good behaviour of their campers, their openness, willingness to take part in everything and of course, their sense of fun. Some campers have now begun their own personal walks of faith with Jesus whilst others are building on their knowledge an understanding of Him. Before and during camp, every single camper was prayed for by name, and we would ask that, if you know a camper, you would join us in continuing to pray for him or her, without ceasing.

I often set Ephesians 4:16 at the end of my messages as it is so illustrative of how Free Church Youth Camps works. Everyone works together using all their different talents and skills, building each other up in love as they work to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the campers. To God be all the praise and glory!

‘From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.’ Ephesians 4:16

Laura A MacAulay
Camps Admin