Free Church of Scotland Youth Conference - A Review

April 5, 2018

Eoghan Smith, a member of Dowanvale Free Church of Scotland, recently attended the Free Church Youth Conference (FCYC), we asked him to share some of his thoughts and experiences of the weekend's events.
A Three-Point Review of the FCYC (Not a three-point sermon)

This was my first time at the FCYC and I think there were three main areas that stood out to me.

Bible Centred Teaching – Rev. Iver Martin, Principal of Edinburgh Theological Seminary, was the main speaker for the weekend, taking us through the Reformation. We started initially with a history of this event, but Iver’s main focus was on why the Reformation matters, and how it actually impacts our daily walk. If this was not enough to challenge us there were several fantastic seminars focussing on topics as diverse as Bioethics, the Old Testament, and how to read the Bible. We were challenged all weekend with solid, Bible centred teaching and discussion.

Iver Martin

Praise – from singing Psalms and Hymns throughout the conference to midnight praise sessions, the sound of 150+ people singing praise to God over the course of a weekend was encouraging and helped focus my heart on the glory and goodness of our Lord.

Fellowship – 150 people ranging in age from teenagers to early 30s (and some above!). As a young Christian, it can be easy to feel isolated in a secular world and this was a reminder that it’s not the case. It was great to be able to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Our House Parents, Maggie and Murdo MacLeod (back for their second year running), were also a great source of wisdom, encouragement, and laughter!

My first experience of the FCYC was one of encouragement and refreshment. Having never been before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was a fantastic weekend and I would recommend it to any other young person thinking of going. A big thanks to this year’s committee, and I am sure prayer for FCYC 2019’s organisers would be valued!