Free Church Donates £10,000 to Help Cyclone Victims

March 21, 2019

The Free Church of Scotland has made a donation of £10,000 to Tearfund to assist those in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe who were recently affected by Cyclone Idai.

Cyclone Idai has devastated large parts of Southern Africa where winds of up to 106 mph have torn down homes and other buildings, and severe flooding has left thousands displaced and homeless. Reports indicate over 1.5 million people have been affected.

In Zimbabwe, 92 people have died in the east and south of the country. Meanwhile, flooding in Malawi, caused by the rains before the cyclone made landfall, left 122 dead. In Mozambique’s Sofala and Manica Provinces, 74 people have died, with more than 1,508 injured and 7,095 displaced.

Rev. Dr Bob Akroyd Chairman of the Mission Board said, "Cyclone Idai is a natural catastrophe on a monumental scale. Lives have been lost, homes have been washed away and livelihoods have been destroyed. The scale of devastation is only now beginning to be revealed."

"The Free Church of Scotland is supporting the relief efforts of Tearfund through this donation from its Disaster and Relief Fund and we would encourage congregations, Deacons Courts and concerned individuals to consider supporting this relief effort too."

"Can we all commit to pray for those nations and peoples most affected by this tragedy that God himself might be their comfort and shield."

The donation came from the Free Church’s Disaster and Relief Fund. Congregations and individuals are encouraged to donate to the fund to enable the Church to continue to respond to such emergencies and to continue to pray for the people of Southern Africa.

Donations can be made to the fund through the website or by emailing the office direct [email protected]

Previously, money from the fund has been used for humanitarian work in Darfur, Sudan, Yemen, the Philippines, Pakistan and Haiti.

To donate to Tearfund directly, please click here.